How to backup your wedding photos and videos?

In a world where digital photos are the norm it is important for you to know how to back them up! Especially when it comes to photos as valuable as your wedding photos. That’s a huge deal and it would be devastating to lose them all due to a computer crash or lost hard drive.

So, what should you do to keep your precious memories safe?


Don’t wait until there is a “good time” to create a backup. We all know what is likely to happen is that task will be forgotten until it’s possibly too late. Go ahead and back them up as soon as you get them to ensure you are safe.


Flash drives, hard drives, Google Drive, CDs. There are a ton of viable options for you to create your back up with. My biggest suggestion is don’t do it just once. Maybe use more than one method and have them on your google drive & on a physical thumb drive you keep in a safe. Maybe you could create an extra copy to keep at each of your parent’s homes. The moral of the story is really, the more back ups the less the chances are you will lose your photos.


If you’re questioning the best backup option for you, ask me! I would be so happy to help make sure your photos are stored properly. Also, don’t be afraid to ask how & for how long I am storing them too. Some photographers maintain backups on their online galleries, on their own hard drives & more. (I personally will double backup all my clients photos for 24 months on two different hard drives).

Your photos are important memories to be cherished. Knowing you have them stored safely so you won’t have to worry about loosing them is a huge deal. Create peace of mind by having a safety net in place that best fits your lifestyle. You can’t be too careful!