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Our team of experienced Ottawa-based wedding photographers and videographers is committed to capturing beautiful photos and videos in Ottawa and beyond, providing you with elevated and modern wedding photography and videography.

Elevated, modern wedding photography and videography

Here at Palm Tree Studio in Ottawa, we quietly capture the essence of your special day through our wedding photography and videography. It’s our privilege to be part of your journey and to help tell the story of your love with warmth and sincerity.

In the gentle unfolding of your wedding day, from those first shy smiles to the tender final dances, we’re there to catch every moment with grace and care. Let us preserve your memories in a way that feels true to you, capturing all the beautiful details you’ll want to cherish forever.

Wedding photographers capturing a beautiful moment at an Ottawa wedding.
Wedding photographers capturing a beautiful moment at an Ottawa wedding.
Wedding photographers capturing a beautiful moment at an Ottawa wedding.
Wedding photographers capturing a beautiful moment at an Ottawa wedding.
Wedding photographers capturing a beautiful moment at an Ottawa wedding.
Wedding photographers capturing a beautiful moment at an Ottawa wedding.

Our Wedding Photography Style

We believe in capturing your wedding day with authenticity and a touch of guided elegance. Our style combines the best of documentary photography with beautifully guided poses to create a well-rounded and deeply personal narrative of your special day.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Documentary Style

In the quiet moments and the bustling celebrations alike, our cameras are there to capture your story as it naturally unfolds. This unobtrusive approach allows us to document genuine smiles, spontaneous laughter, and the raw emotions that make your wedding uniquely yours.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Elegantly Directed

With gentle direction, we'll guide you into poses that feel natural and look beautiful. Whether it’s a sunset backdrop or a quiet moment away from the crowd, we ensure you and your loved ones look your best in a relaxed and comfortable way.

Wedding videography

If you’re looking for an Ottawa wedding videographer with a unique and creative perspective, Palm Tree Studio is a perfect choice! Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to capture your big day in a way that will be truly unforgettable. We focus on the flow of the day, ensuring that nothing feels out of place or forced — every scene naturally transitions into the next, preserving the emotional integrity of your wedding day.

Wedding Photography

At Palm Tree Studio, we believe that every wedding photo should tell a part of your story, capturing the essence of the day with the same care and attention you’ve put into planning it. Our photography is a delicate balance between art and memory, each shot crafted to reflect the beauty and emotion of your special moments. We take pride in our ability to weave these details into the larger tapestry of your wedding narrative.

About Palm Tree Studio

Meet the Ottawa's best wedding photographers and videographers team

Palm Tree Studio has a team of talented and passionate artists who specialize in wedding photography using both documentary and guided posing styles. With years of experience shooting hundreds of weddings, our wedding photographers are experts in capturing the essence of every wedding they shoot, including the spontaneous moments of joy or the carefully posed shots. We pay attention to every detail to turn your special day into a timeless work of art that you will treasure for years to come. At Palm Tree Studio, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating beautiful, high-quality images that reflect the unique beauty and love of your wedding day.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

We take pride in our work as wedding photographers!

At Palm Tree Studio, we’re more than just a group of individuals; we’re a tight-knit team of top-rated photographers and videographers united by a shared passion for storytelling and artistry. Our collaboration is the foundation of every stunning shot and beautiful film we create, ensuring that your wedding memories are captured with both creativity and precision.

A Synergy of Talent and Creativity Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, each bringing their own unique strengths to the table. From the visionary photographers who see the world through a poetic lens to the innovative videographers who capture dynamic narratives, our collective expertise allows us to cover every angle of your special day seamlessly.

Crafting Masterpieces Together What sets us apart is how we work together. Coordination and communication are at the heart of our operations. We synchronize our efforts to ensure that no moment goes uncaptured and every shot is perfectly timed. This harmonious workflow not only enhances the quality of our work but also provides a stress-free experience for you on your wedding day.

Dedicated to Excellence Every member of our team is committed to excellence. We constantly refine our skills through professional development and stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in photography and videography. This dedication to growth means that we bring only the best practices and innovative techniques to your wedding.

Client Testimonials for Our Wedding Photographers

Wedding Venue Spotlight

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Chateau Laurier

This historic hotel enchants with its châteauesque style architecture and luxurious interiors, ideal for glamorous, timeless wedding photos.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

National Gallery

With its modern glass and granite structure, this gallery features a stunning array of contemporary art and spacious courtyards, perfect for artistic and elegant photo sessions.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

National Arts Centre

Featuring modernist architecture and scenic views of the Rideau Canal, the National Arts Centre is a prime location for sophisticated and cultural photographs.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Le Belvédère

Le Belvédère provides a breathtaking setting with panoramic views and elegant architecture, perfect for capturing stunning wedding moments.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Museum of Nature

The Museum of Nature’s striking mix of castle-like façade and modern glass towers offers a versatile setting for both historical and contemporary wedding photos.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer


Set amidst rolling countryside, Evermore combines rustic charm with elegant modernity, creating a perfect canvas for unforgettable wedding photography.

Accolades and Magazine Features

At Palm Tree Studio, we are proud of the recognition we’ve received from industry experts and our features in prestigious publications. These honours affirm our commitment to excellence in wedding photography and videography and reassure you that your special day is in award-winning hands. Our work has been showcased in several high-profile wedding magazines, highlighting our ability to capture the essence of each wedding with elegance and creativity. 

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