5 Advantages of Hiring Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer from The Same Studio

Having a great wedding photography team covering your wedding is one of the best things you can do. If you also get a talented wedding videography team, you’ll be set when it comes to documenting your wedding. On a second thought, how about working with a team of both? 

We mean, rather than looking for a wedding photographer and then a wedding videography team, you can find one group that has both photographers and videographers to handle your celebration. 

Why do we suggest this? Well at the very least, you’ll be saved the extra time to search. Hiring the right wedding photo and video team comes with a lot of advantages. Here are some of them to show that it’s the best idea for your wedding in Ottawa. 

It’s Stress-Free

Hiring a wedding photography and videography team separately is a lot of work. You must do lots of research, interview options, choose the best one, and so on. If you hire a team together, you’ll only have to do this once. As soon as you find the right team for you, you can get right to booking them. They’ll handle your wedding photography and wedding videography the best way. All that stress of carrying out the booking process twice will disappear. 

The Planning Process Will Be Smoother

For your wedding videography and photography team to work together, they have to be in sync. This will mean that they know each other and are comfortable working with the other. They also must make some plans on how they cover your wedding to avoid getting in each other’s way. 

It could be hard to find a separate wedding and videography and photography who can get this level of coordination. Hiring a photo and video team from the same studio in Ottawa would put you in the best position for exceptional wedding documentation. They’ll also give you a smooth wedding ceremony and reception. 


Your wedding day is a way to share your love story with your loved ones. Videos and photographs are a great way to document that. If you get one team to cover everything, you’ll love the results. That’s because the theme running through both will be similar, if not the same. You’ll also enjoy the unity on your wedding day because this team has been working together for a while. 


Since you don’t need to worry about the communication and planning with the different teams, you will be able to save some energy to sit back and enjoy your own wedding day.  There is nothing more frustrating than put yourself into every positions to organize the wedding. 

A good wedding photographer or videographer actually will help you to keep the timing on track, because they are going to be there from the morning to the late night, and they have been shooting weddings for years, they know what to do at  the right moments. 

Great value

You’ll certainly pay less when you get both your photography and videography from the same company. For one thing, you’ll only have to cover the costs of a team travelling as opposed to hiring and working with two separate teams. This is cost efficient and a great idea if you’re a couple on the budget. 

Working with the right wedding photography and wedding videography team at your wedding in Ottawa is important. Hiring them from the same studio will ensure a seamless and stress-free process. So what do you say?