The best wedding season in Ottawa

The first question that follows the big YES is: when is the wedding? Setting a date for your grand ceremony is the first and most crucial step in planning your special day. Would you enjoy a winter wonderland, or would you rather have your feet in the sand for your nuptials? The choice is yours! In this blog, we will discuss which is the best wedding season in Ottawa.

If you prefer moderate weather that won’t give you the sweats or freeze your feet, mid-May spring would be your ideal wedding season in Ottawa. Blossoming flowers, freshness in the air, warm caressing sun – spring is all about romance! We advise you to skip March and April to avoid unpredictable weather changes and always have a plan B if you opt for an outdoor wedding. Or just go with the flow – welcome the rain with open arms, making your wedding photos unique, fun, and memorable.

Don’t mind the heat? Choose summer as your Ottawa wedding season and make a beach party! This time of the year is ideal for couples who don’t want to leave it to chance when it comes to unpredictable weather changes. However, be ready for extra humidity if you choose July and August. A light white dress and a linen suit would be the perfect wedding attire to survive the high temperatures.

A wintertime wedding would be splendid for couples fond of snow and who love the holiday spirit. Whether you do it out in the snow or next to a cozy, warm fireplace, those brumal wedding photos will look amazing! Just make sure you send those wedding invitations early so your guests can be promptly notified about the event and avoid double booking.

Ultimately, early fall is the favorite Ottawa wedding season! This season’s magical vividness will be the ideal scenery for your vows. Just to be on the safe side, choosing an indoor wedding venue would be best to avoid disappointment if the rain comes uninvited.

When choosing the best wedding season in Ottawa, consider some special events that you hold dear to pick a date that you and your fiancé feel comfortable with. Keep in mind that this is the day that you will never forget!

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