The best 22 locations for a photo shoot in Ottawa

As a wedding photography studio in Ottawa, we’re always on the lookout for the best locations for our couples’ photo shoots. With so much history, culture, and natural beauty in Canada’s capital city, there’s no shortage of great spots to choose from.

Here are 25 of our favorite locations for a photo shoot in Ottawa:

  • Parliament Hill – This iconic location is perfect for capturing the grandeur of Canadian politics and history. 
  • Spark Street – Spark Street is a vibrant pedestrian street in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core, and it offers a colorful and energetic backdrop for a photo shoot. 
  • Rideau Canal – Whether it’s in winter with ice skaters or in summer with boats, the Rideau Canal is always a picturesque spot.
  • National Gallery of Canada – With its stunning architecture and ever-changing art exhibitions, this is a great place for a more artistic shoot. 
  • Byward Market – This bustling market is a colorful and lively location that can add energy and vibrancy to your photos.
  • Major’s Hill Park – This park offers a stunning view of the city and is perfect for capturing the beauty of Ottawa’s skyline. 
  • Ottawa River (Remic Rapids Park) – Whether it’s a sunrise shoot or a sunset session, the Ottawa River provides a beautiful backdrop for any photos. 
  • Chateau Laurier – This elegant hotel has a timeless charm that can add a touch of luxury to any photo shoot. 
  • Lansdowne Park – With its unique architecture and plenty of green spaces, Lansdowne Park is a great spot for an urban photoshoot.
  • Museum of Nature – With its striking architecture and incredible displays of natural history, this museum is a great location for a science-themed photo shoot.
  • National Arts Centre – This venue offers plenty of great backdrops for photos, particularly if you’re looking for something more elegant and sophisticated. 
  • Confederation Park – With its beautiful gardens and water fountain, Confederation Park is a great location for a more romantic photo shoot.
  • Andrew Haydon Park – This park is located along the Ottawa River and offers a beautiful natural setting for your photos.
  • Dominion Arboretum – This beautiful garden offers plenty of colorful flowers and unique trees for a vibrant and unique photo shoot. 
  • The Ornamental Gardens – located within the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, offer a stunning and serene setting for a photo shoot. With a variety of themed gardens featuring different flowers and plants. 
  • Mer Bleue Conservation Area – If you’re looking for a unique location, the Mer Bleue Conservation Area offers a vast, open space that provides a different backdrop than most other locations on this list. 
  • Hog’s Back Falls – This stunning waterfall is a unique and beautiful location for a photo shoot.
  • Wakefield Mill Hotel – Located just outside of Ottawa in the charming town of Wakefield. With its stunning natural surroundings and unique architecture, it’s a great location for a more rustic and natural photo shoot. 
  • Princess Louise Falls – It is a picturesque waterfall located in Orleans, a suburb of Ottawa. 
  • Petrie Island Park – It is a scenic park located in the east end of Ottawa, known for its sandy beaches and beautiful views of the Ottawa River. 
  • Your home – can be a cozy and intimate way to capture your love story. Whether you choose to snuggle up on the couch, bake together in the kitchen, or take a stroll in your backyard, an at-home engagement shoot can capture the everyday moments that make your relationship special. Plus, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in your own space, which can lead to natural and authentic photos that truly reflect your personalities and love for each other.
  • Your favorite coffee shops – is a charming and cozy way to capture your love story over a cup of your favorite brew. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, a coffee shop can be the perfect backdrop for a relaxed and romantic photo shoot. From holding hands across the table to stealing a kiss over a latte, an engagement session at a coffee shop can capture the small and meaningful moments that make your relationship unique. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee together during the shoot!

With so many great locations to choose from, it’s no wonder that Ottawa is a popular destination for photo shoots of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for a natural setting, a historic location, or something more urban, there’s sure to be a spot on this list that’s perfect for your next photo shoot. If you are worrying about the weather condition for the day, be sure to check out our favorite indoor space for a photoshoot!