The best 20 locations for a photo shoot in Ottawa

Ottawa photoshoot locations

Discover the best wedding photoshoot locations in Ottawa, where historical landmarks and natural beauty create perfect scenes for capturing your special moments. From elegant architectural wonders to serene parklands, Ottawa photoshoot locations offer a diverse palette that caters to every couple’s photographic dreams. This guide highlights 22 must-see spots across the city, ideal for anyone looking to immortalize their love or capture stunning images in Canada’s capital.


Parliament Hill

Ottawa photoshoot locations

Parliament Hill is not only the political heart of Canada but also a cultural icon, offering majestic views of the Ottawa River and Gothic Revival architecture, ideal for capturing both grand and intimate moments.

Spark Street

Ottawa photoshoot locations

This bustling pedestrian street is filled with historic buildings, public art, and vibrant street life, providing a lively urban backdrop for dynamic photographs.

Rideau Canal

Ottawa photoshoot locations

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Rideau Canal offers picturesque settings year-round, from the frozen winter wonderland to lush green banks in the summer.

National Gallery of Canada

Ottawa photoshoot locations

With its modern glass and granite structure, this gallery features a stunning array of contemporary art and spacious courtyards, perfect for artistic and elegant photo sessions.

Byward Market

Ottawa photoshoot locations

One of Ottawa’s oldest and largest public markets, Byward Market’s lively atmosphere and colorful stalls make it a quintessential backdrop for energetic and vibrant shoots.

Major’s Hill Park

Ottawa photoshoot locations

Offering panoramic views of Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River, Major’s Hill Park is ideal for capturing Ottawa’s skyline or enjoying a green oasis in the city center.

Ottawa River (Remic Rapids Park)

Ottawa photoshoot locations

Known for its beautiful rock sculptures and tranquil river views, Remic Rapids Park provides a serene setting for nature-inspired photography.

Chateau Laurier

Ottawa photoshoot locations

This historic hotel exudes old-world charm and luxury, with its châteauesque style architecture and elegant interiors, perfect for glamorous and timeless photos.

Lansdowne Park

A hub of activity, Lansdowne Park blends modern architecture with urban parkland, offering diverse visuals from the Aberdeen Pavilion to the Horticulture Building.

Museum of Nature

Ottawa photoshoot locations

The castle-like façade and modern glass tower of the Museum of Nature provide a unique contrast, suited for both historical and contemporary-themed photo shoots.

National Arts Centre

Ottawa photoshoot locations

Featuring modernist architecture and scenic views of the Rideau Canal, the National Arts Centre is a prime location for sophisticated and cultural photographs.

Confederation Park

Known for its beautiful water features and manicured gardens, Confederation Park offers a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city, ideal for romantic and tranquil shoots.

Andrew Haydon Park

With its picturesque ponds and scenic pathways along the Ottawa River, this park is a favorite for capturing the beauty of Ottawa’s natural landscapes.

Dominion Arboretum

Ottawa photoshoot locations

Covering over 26 hectares, the Arboretum is home to a diverse collection of trees, shrubs, and ornamental gardens, providing a lush backdrop for any photoshoot.

The Ornamental Gardens

Ottawa photoshoot locations

Located at the Central Experimental Farm, these gardens feature beautifully maintained themes like the Rose Garden and Perennial Garden, perfect for colorful and detailed floral shoots.

Mer Bleue Conservation Area

Ottawa photoshoot locations

Known for its bog and natural habitats, Mer Bleue offers an ecological landscape with wooden boardwalks and a peaceful natural setting, different from the typical city backdrop.

Hog’s Back Falls

The dramatic rush of water over natural rock formations at Hog’s Back Falls creates a stunning natural backdrop for dramatic and engaging photography.

Wakefield Mill Hotel

Set in a picturesque location near Gatineau Park, this historic mill converted into a hotel offers rustic charm and a serene environment ideal for nature and architecture lovers.

Princess Louise Falls

Ottawa photoshoot locations

This hidden gem in Orleans provides a magical setting with its cascading water and surrounding greenery, perfect for fairy-tale-like engagement shoots.

Petrie Island Park

Ottawa photoshoot locations

With its sandy beaches and tranquil river views, Petrie Island is excellent for summertime beach scenes or serene sunset photographs.

With such a wide array of wedding photoshoot locations, Ottawa is the perfect canvas for your wedding photos. Whether you’re looking for an urban setting, a natural landscape, or something uniquely Canadian, Ottawa provides exceptional choices that will make your photos unforgettable.