Mai and Diodato’s engagement session at Spark St.

Mai and Diodato exuded so much elegance during their Spark St engagement session that we easily fell in love with every click of our camera. Despite a ton of walking from the Major’s Hill Park to Spark St., the couple was such a breath of fresh air. With their classy outfits and refined demeanor, the couple looked so perfect for each other. It was such a charming sight to see them having a good time while strolling from one location to another!

We started their Spark St engagement session at the Major’s Hill Park, where we had the stunning structure of the Fairmont Château Laurier and a view of Parliament Hill in the background. The location had an autumn vibe with the colorful trees and fallen leaves surrounding them. Furthermore, the charming ray of the sun added a soft and delicate touch to every shot we took. After which we walked to Downtown Ottawa and along the gorgeous Spark St., resuming the second half of the session. We love how natural everything turned out.

It was indeed an enjoyable experience to have a shoot with this lovely couple. We had a nice time exploring the beautiful spots of Downtown Ottawa. Not to mention how we also had the opportunity to talk about their plans for their wedding day and shared some tips that they can use as well. It was also a great way for them to practice posing for their wedding portraits. Not only that, but it was also an excellent opportunity for us to know the angles that work best for them and be comfortable with each other so that everyone could be at ease during their special day. We highly recommend that you get one too!

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