Mackenzie King Estate Engagement Session

You can find the Mackenzie King Estate in the middle of Gatineau Park’s Chelsea sector. This charming place has alluring gardens, detailed trails, Victorian ruins, and a captivating forest surrounding it. It is pretty surprising that such a dreamy location for an engagement session can be seen twenty minutes from Downtown Ottawa. Not to mention how it is rich in history as it is considered a legacy of a former prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King.

The aforementioned reasons are why we all wanted Irene and Simon’s engagement session to happen here. We wanted to incorporate the lovely fall color into their photos and knew that this place would be the perfect setting to make it happen. The couple looked so elegant with their simple yet gorgeous outfits that matched the fall color scheme of their surrounding. We simply took the time to enjoy every area of the location and let our couple feel the romance enveloping the place. The refreshing nature and exquisite architectural scenery.

We did a ton of walking exploring the place, but it was all worth it because every shot looked so dreamy. In addition to that, walking in nature and seeing Irene and Simon look at each other with so much love brings a delicate warmth into our hearts. We particularly loved shooting in the forest as there was something incredible about being surrounded by massive colorful trees with leaves on the grounds. It was such a precious setting fit for the start of a fairytale.

Do you find this Mackenzie king estate engagement shoot appealing? We can’t blame you as we are also captivated by its uncomplicated beauty! If you want to commemorate the important season of your engagement with a photoshoot, we highly recommend this place! We will also be thrilled if you consider giving us the honor to capture these memorable moments for you!