Is a first look worth it?

The first glance between you and your partner is a moment that you’ll never forget. It’s often accompanied by many strong feelings, making it an important emotional experience for you as newlyweds.

Many engaged couples wonder whether having this experience is worth it. And we always encourage them to make positive decisions. There are many benefits to having a first look, and here are just some of them:

More time to actually enjoy your special day

The first glance allows you and your partner to spend more quality time together on your wedding day. Instead of rushing around getting ready and then having to wait until the ceremony first to see each other, you can take a few minutes for yourself and embrace all the feelings this moment brings.

More time for photos and videos.

Having a first look gives your photographer more time to get creative with their shots. This means more opportunities for amazing pictures that capture the real emotions of your loving story. And due to the private nature of the moment, there will be fewer distractions and extra time for the photographer to do their job more thoroughly.

This is an amazing opportunity to capture those priceless moments and eternalize them in a photo or video format, for you to cherish years after your wedding day.

You and your partner will feel more private, intimate, and relaxed

It’s hard to imagine anything more intimate than having a moment alone with the person you’re about to marry. And that’s exactly what a first look provides. It allows you to spend some time together and canalize your emotions before the ceremony begins.

So if you’re thinking about adding enriching your special day with the amazing experience, the first look provides, just do it! And if you’re considering booking a professional photographer and videographer for your big day, get in touch with us. Need more helpful wedding tips? Read more of our blogs!