Iman and Hamze’s intimate Nikkah

We live in uncertain times, but love will alway find a way no matter the circumstances. In light of the pandemic, opting to say “I do” in a more intimate setting, like at home, is now a  preferred choice. In fact, this is exactly how Iman and Hamze celebrated their love: with a homestyle Nikkah wedding. 

Their wedding was a relatively short Islamic marriage ceremony where their Imam or a spiritual leader officiated. This tradition involves the bride and groom, two witnesses from both sides, and their parents. It also consists of reading from the Qur’an and signing the contract to make their marriage legal. Depending on the couple’s preferences, this ceremony can be done in a mosque or, in this case, as part of a home wedding. 

Iman and Hamze had a beautiful home wedding setup put together by “It’s Personal Events.” The use of white, beige, and gold as the color theme made for a minimalistic yet elegant vibe, and it was stunning to have a dainty pop of color using different shades of pink on some of the details – such as the flowers, centerpieces, and even on the dessert. In addition to that, their wedding cake by Zeesbakes suited the theme and was definitely a work of art. 

But the real highlight of the day, and what completed their entire wedding theme, was the bride’s beautiful attire. During their experimental farm photo shoot, she wore a gorgeous hot pink outfit that was absolutely captivating, but her lovely smile stood out even more. 

It was so much fun to capture great portraits of the couple after the Nikkah wedding ceremony. Their experimental farm photo shoot was romantic and dreamy, with blooming flowers all around them. In essence, their Islamic marriage was an incredible experience and ended with more family and friends welcoming the newlywed couple in an open space while following social restrictions.

We hope you find their intimate celebration as inspiring as it was for us. Feel free to connect with us if you’re planning to have a Nikkah ceremony at home, just like Iman and Hamze! We would be so excited to take photos of your special day!