Engagement Shoot Outfits Guideline

Engagement sessions are so much fun. It’s a chance to document this unique season in your life, and the incredible love you share with your significant other. As you prepare, you’ll have a few key decisions to make. One of the biggest is your outfits. I know it can be hard to know what will look best, not to mention what will make you feel your best.


Choosing Your Color Scheme

Neutral colours & muted tones are a camera’s best friend. On the other hand bright, super saturated colours tend to distract from your faces and the loving moments you’re having documented. 

When picking your colours I recommend light, soft colours like white, greys, desaturated blues & pinks. These colours will also go with any location you pick, which is an added bonus!

One exception to this rule is if you have a special outfit you want to wear celebrating your culture. If those are typically bright, joyful colours then I say embrace it! You’ll love the fact you’re able to celebrate your heritage in the way it deserves to be celebrated. 

One Outfit or Two? 

Each of my couples can choose up to two outfits, which means you have some room to express yourself. Most couples will choose at least one show-stopping formal outfit and change into a more night-on-the-town look. Of course, if you want to wear two red-carpet ready outfits, you have the freedom to! 

The balance between your two outfits is totally up to you. I do recommend thinking about the locations you have picked for photos. If you’re choosing a forest here in Ottawa maybe a more casual outfit would look good versus an epic ball gown downtown with beautiful architecture. Let that help guide you decision & influence what feels right to you. 

Dress Up

Ever see someone in a tux or glamorous dress on TV and think about how they look incredible, but you never have a reason to look that fancy? Now is the time to give yourself permission to do it!! When else will you have the opportunity? Plus, high-end outfits like this look so great in pictures! The can’t be “too dressed up” for professional photos, it’s just not a thing. 

Also, choosing a dress over pants will make a huge difference. Dresses are more flattering and help show off all your best curves. They also help make your photos look extra romantic, which I love.