Chanelle and Phil’s Mer Bleue Bog Engagement Session

Chanelle and Phil are a unique couple full of life and fun. One of the first things we noticed when we met them was just how contagious their laughter is and how they make each other so happy. Not only are they awesome to talk to but they are also amazing individuals, and we had a delightful Mer Bleue Bog engagement session with them. This was where we finally got the opportunity to interact with them and learn more about their story in detail. 

Chanelle and Phil are two people in this world who are just meant to be together. They are truly down-to-earth and are both very kind hearted. They will be tying the knot soon and we were so excited to have their engagement session in Mer Bleue Bog, Ottawa. 

Mer Bleue Bog is a beautiful and magical terrain where you can experience nature, serenity, lush green spaces, walkways and all sorts of wildlife. The natural scenery makes the location a perfect one for a photo session. We had a lovely time walking around with them and sharing lots of laughter together. We had the entire place to ourselves, and the golden hour light made these special moments magical. We got the opportunity to shoot them in this epic hour of light, which made for plenty of picture-perfect portraits during their Mer Bleue Bog engagement session.

It’s always fun to explore different beautiful spots in Canada, and just like the couple, we fell in love with Mer Bleue. Everywhere you look, you get to experience a stunning backdrop, different textures, and fabulous colors to shoot. The Broadwalk of Mer Bleue Bog makes for really cool sunset session photos and works well for small shoots, perfect for engagement shoots. Mer Bleue is a popular Ottawa engagement location and meeting here in time for the golden hour took the shoot to the next level. 

Chanelle and Phil were so much fun and very giggly which was adorable to witness and made our work super easy. We took a couple of portraits with the backdrop of woods, along the walkways, and also captured some special moments as the pair enjoyed wine together. A fun-loving couple, the perfect location, and a dreamy day made this one of our favorite shoots ever! If you are looking to have your own memorable Mer Bleue Bog Engagement session, and need assistance, call us to chat. We would be more than happy to assist and be part of your special journey, no matter the location!