An Intimate Backyard Wedding at the Parent’s house in Manotick, Ontario

The return to Ottawa was a special one for Angela and Zac. After they both moved to Calgary for work, they decided to return to their childhood town to celebrate the love they share with their family and friends. It was the perfect sunny day to honor a beautiful couple! 

Angela and Zac got ready inside a gorgeous Ottawa home with their wedding party. Zac and his groomsmen shared a drink around the pool table as Angela’s bridesmaids helped her with the finishing touches. The ceremony took place beside the backyard pool waters of the stunning property. The backyard was decorated to perfection with flowers and foliage. Guests sat around the pool as the wedding party made their way through the gate and down the aisle. The love this couple shares was evident as Angela made her grand entrance and Zac’s eyes lit up!

The intimate reception was beautifully arranged. Flowers filled the tables of the dining area and their attention to detail in decorating made for a gorgeous environment. We took a short walk around town to snap some shots of the happy couple beside the water in their suit and gown before returning to the property to close the night. 

The evening was a fun-filled affair! Guests mingled and talked and laughter filled the air. A local band set up a makeshift stage in the backyard and played for the poolside dance party. The dance floor and stage were lit up as guests showed off their dance moves, and celebrated with the lovely couple. Angela and Zac’s happiness was so evident as they shared their first dance together with all their loved ones watching. It was the perfect way to end the day.

It was truly a joy to work with Angela and Zac and their warm and friendly family. Congratulations to the happy couple!