Aisha and Badar’s Pakistani Muslims Wedding

We absolutely loved being a part of Aisha and Badar’s special day. Besides being so thrilled to witness their Pakistani Muslims wedding, celebrating their love with them at their three-day event was such an honor. Their very elaborate multi day celebration was colorful, musical, and filled with beautiful centuries-old traditions. Everything was perfect, from their meaningful Nikkah ceremony, vibrant Mehendi, lively Baraat Event to their classic Walima event. 

Aisha and Badar started with a simple ceremony at Jami Omar Mosque. The Nikkah ceremony is the official moment where the couple signs their marriage contract during this time. One detail that we appreciated was seeing everyone barefoot inside the mosque, including us, to show the respect they have for their place of worship. They also did their Mehndi in the Centurion Conference and Event Centre on the same day. Badar took a twist to their Baraat event and opted out of the usual grand entrance of the groom while riding a decorated white horse. Instead, he had his closest groomsmen do that for him, making it even more fun for everyone.

The next day, the couple wanted to have an intimate photoshoot. They both looked like royalty in their traditional red and gold outfits, so we had the idea to go to Major’s Hill Park for a photoshoot. One of our favorites is how the park’s natural lighting made their photos look so dreamy. This was followed by a fun reception with their family and friends. 

Lastly, their Walima event or the final reception of their multi day celebration looked classic and had a relaxed vibe. The groom wore a formal Western suit, and the bride wore a sparkling dress. They both looked so stunning. In addition to that, the white theme of their reception made everything timelessly elegant. Not to mention how their lovely wedding cake made by Badar’s sister perfectly matched the place. It was indeed a cake worthy of being published in Ottawa Wedding Magazine.

We hope you love their Pakistani Muslims wedding as much as we did. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to have your special day commemorated, just like this beautiful couple!